What Not to Do!

13 Things You Shouldn’t Do on National Nude Gardening Day

We love National Nude Gardening Day, a chance to get your kit off and be at one with nature. 13 is unlucky for some and it may be unlucky for you too if you don’t follow these simple tips of things NOT to do keep you (and your bits) safe the National Nude Gardening Day.

According to Wikipedia the movement is founded by nudist who promote wholesome and unashamed acceptance of the human body the day is meant to be light-hearted and enjoyable. Here is New Zealand we’ve moved the day from May to October when it is a less nippy. Follow these words of wisdom and you’ll have the best time in the buff:

  1. Use a chainsaw

Avoid all heavy machinery and don’t fire up the weed whacker or even the lawn mower. Naked gardening is a relaxing past time not for the big landscaping jobs, save this for when your tackle is safely tucked away.

  • Climb a tree or use a ladder

It’s not fair to the person holding the ladder – that’s all that needs to be said on the matter. Unless you have a solid plan how to get down then best to avoid.

  • Re-pot that cactus

Just imagine dropping a cactus on your lap, let alone when you butt naked it will leave you in a very sticky situation. Best to stay away from all varieties of cacti on National Nude Gardening Day this spring.

  • Avoid pruning your roses

Thorns, sharps items and hard to reach crevices are all best to leave alone for one day. Stick to a safer variety of plant such as your herb garden, citrus trees and tending to your sunflowers.

  • Go to the community garden

Keep it to your personal space, as fun as being naked in your garden is and as comfortable you are in your birthday suit. You may not want to see others. Maybe warn the neighbours ahead of time, they may decide to steer clear or join in.

  • Go solo

Life is for sharing and that includes the beautiful sight of your booty in the sunshine, so grab your sunblock, a bottle of sav and your friends and you got yourself a naked garden party. Get the family involved or just close friends. Tell you friends and family, here and overseas how to get involved. It will be a great idea to run a photo competition between friends for the most calendar worthy shot.

  • Forget protection

Still wear your trusty garden gloves, gumboots, sunhat and sunglasses to keep you protected, the rest can all hang loose.

  • Squat in the bushes

eeek, we don’t need to go into why but just be careful about your placement before squatting in the bushes.

  • Forget sunblock

Finally time to get that all over tan and vitamin D, we love the words of wisdom from seasoned gardeners in their birthday suits to be careful about asking passers-by to rub sunblock into those hard to reach places and maybe stick to your loved one for this. Slather on the high-SPF the New Zealand sun is fierce and you will burn very quickly without protection, even on cloudy days.

  1. Don’t tend to the Bees

We know the love and care required to keep your hive thriving but today maybe street clear from the hive, a bee sting or your thing is one way to make National Nude Gardening Day unforgettable.

  1. Go into Sub Zero Waters

Second only to skinny dipping National Nude Gardening Day is popular all over the world. We have strategically moved our National Nude Gardening Day in NZ to spring so it is isn’t too nippy. Avoid taking the plunge below freezing to keep you Daniel Craig image intact. 

  1. Forget your Props

We have seen some awesome photos online of light sabers in the garden or some very cute watering cans. Get involved and make it fun, costume pirate hats and ships ahoy! This is a National Nude Gardening Day to remember.

  1. Forget your camera

No photo, no pose in a wheel barrow and no strategic selfie on Instagram then it didn’t happen! Don’t forget to set-up you tripod (for your camera, we know your mind went there!) and get some snaps for the family calendar or Christmas card.  Tag us @nudegardening