Nude Gardening Day 2021

New Zealand National Nude Gardening Day

Held Labour Weekend Saturday, October 23rd 2021.

Do you really dig your garden? Have good thymes in your backyard? Like big buds and you cannot lie? We have the challenge for you! 2021 has been a testing year, however there has been a bright side, during these unprecedented times we have learnt to love our homes, our gardens and ourselves a little more. We have picked up craft skills, gardening knowledge and an appreciation for all things bright and beautiful.

Our revitalised passion for nature has inspired Lynn River to get involved for this years National Nude Gardener of the Year! Nude Gardening Day first took place in 2005 and has been a growing global trend ever since, with 2020 unsurprisingly hosting the most participants yet. World Naked Gardening Day usually occurs in May each year, however that’s a little nippy for us Kiwis so we have our own National Nude Gardening Day during October Labour Day Weekend. Whether you’re a garden enthusiast or a pot plant tinkerer, taking part in nude gardening on a whim or as a way of life, this is the day and the comp for you!

Remember! Make sure you slip, slop, slap and wrap. While the sun is going to feel sooo so good on your skin, with less clothing on, it is important to shield yourself from the harmful rays with constant application of sunscreen. Also take the time to inspect your (or your partners) body for any sunspots/moles that you might not have seen/noticed out of direct sunlight. Lastly, while your at it, you may as well give your two plums or melons a quick fondle to make sure there’s not any new unusual lumps or irregularities that haven’t been there before.

No matter how long your hose or how big your blossom – we want to see! Enter your photos to Lynn River’s National Nude Gardener of the Year competition and help us celebrate being reunited with nature and our beloved pot plants plus be in with a chance of winning some much needed to cash to feed your gardening addiction. We want to document the life and times of Kiwi gardeners, nudists and adventurists alike, build a proud community of nude gardeners and remind likeminded Kiwis not to take life too seriously! 

Here’s a bit of inspo from our official Instagram!