Sitting on the Fence? Read this!

4 Fantastic Reasons Why You Should Get Your Kit Off on National Nude Gardening Day

Spring is in full swing believe it or not and we are all in need of some light hearted humour before the summer starts.

It has been a challenging year for everyone however during these unprecedented times we have learnt to love our homes and gardens a little more. We have picked up craft skills, gardening knowledge and an appreciation for the little pleasures in life.  As summer approaches we can now start to see our lockdown projects flourish. We will be taking vacations at home, becoming loyal members of our local garden centres and building personal sanctuaries to escape all this madness now more than ever.

With this new or revitalised appreciation in mind we have the challenge for you! This is a challenge for those that a passion for nature, the great outdoors and an appreciation for how beautiful being outdoors really is and a sense of adventure.  We challenge you to take part in National Nude Gardening Day – there is no better way to feel at one with nature, get out of your comfort zone and do something a little risqué. 

Here’s our top reasons why you should take part in National Nude Gardening day this year:

  • You Only Live Once – If 2020/2021 has taught us anything, it is to seize the moment and find the fun in the small things, getting nude in your garden is the perfect way to make it a memorable Saturday without even leaving the house! Try it with your friends, family or just on your own either way it will be a giggle. Be sure to apply sunscreen to make sure it’s not remembered for the wrong reasons.
  • Taste of Freedom – When the borders are closed and we have been grounded from our favourite overseas holiday destination, find your freedom at home. National Nude Gardening Day is a great way to dip your toe in international waters so to speak whilst still in the comfort of your own safe space.  Adventure awaits the daring. Do you dare?
  • Get Creative – Everyone is a have-a-go photographer these days, we are all fans of a clever leaning tower or a creative selfies with a well-placed cactus. Consider National Nude Gardening Day as your blank canvas to use your garden for personal photo shoot or another creative idea is a nude garden art session whether you’re the nude model or the nude painter.
  • Be in it to win it – Be in with a chance to win $500 and a gardening package with Lynn River’s National Gardener of the Year Competition. We are offering our budding gardeners, nudist and anyone who fancies taking part a chance to win some goodies. Enter our photo competition of you (and your fellow gardeners) gardening in the nude and be in with a chance to win! The winner will win $500 and a Lynn River gift package as well as the title of Nude Gardener of the Year and the 11 runners up will also win prizes! As a runner-up you can win $100 and a gardening glove package.